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Cuisine: Mexican, Eclectic

Cititour Review: At first glance, you might think you're entering hell's kitchen with all of the paper-maché skulls and skeletons in the window. But inside you'll find some great Mexican takeout and friendly service behind the counter. I tried the San Francisco Burrito with Yukatan pork stew. Excellent. And a meal in itself at $7.75. Also on the menu, you'll find a nice selection of burritos, chilis and salads. That brings us to dessert. The Mexcican chocolate pound cake is wonderful. Very simple and tastes more like a spice cake ($3.75). In fact most of the desserts have a touch of spice or clove, including the bread pudding topped with glazed plums. Kitchen also sells Mexican groceries with a nice selection of herbs and chili peppers, Mexican trinkets and pottery and an interesting selection of chili pepper seeds for the garden.
Review By: Benny Prim

Neighborhood: Chelsea

218 Eighth Ave (at 21st St)
New York, NY
(212) 243-4433