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Cuisine: Mexican, Barbecue

Cititour Review: Some of the best things to come out of this period of economic downshifting are New York’s wonderful, affordable new street food options. And our favorite has to be Mexicue, the popular food truck that in just one year is poised to open not one, but two brick and mortar locations, one in Chelsea and the other on the Lower East Side.

We visited the Chelsea location for its preview opening and were delighted to see the menu expanded to include both salad and rice bowl options. We opted for Mexicue’s now famous BBQ Brisket Slider ($3), an oh-so-flavorful experience. Just large enough to savor over five or six bites, this perfectly seasoned brisket swimming in a sweet smoky barbecue sauce had both hints of fresh avocado and a pleasant crunchy cabbage that paired so nicely with the caramelized meat. It’s easy to see how this sandwich is among customers’ favorites. We also tried the Alabama Chicken Taco ($3), which was pleasant enough, though after savoring the brisket on its bakery fresh bun, the flour tortilla was a little less enticing. Other talked-about menu options are Mexicue’s famous Smoke Short Ribs Taco and its Pulled Pork and Burnt Ends Chili Sliders. Had it not been so busy, we may have gotten right back in line for one of those. Vegetarians might try the Smoky BBQ Beans Taco.

Mexicue’s service is fast and friendly with limited space downstairs and a second floor dining room that can easily seat 20 people. Plans include adding a selection of draft beer at the counters as well, so expect long, late-night crowds in both locations. If Mexican or barbecue is your thing, something very special awaits you at Mexicue, where fresh and seasonal collides with a hickory smoked fiesta.

Review By: Joann Jovinelly

Neighborhood: Chelsea

345 Seventh Avenue (29th St)
New York, NY
(212) 244-0002

Entree Price: <$10
Takeout: Yes