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M'o Il Gelato

M'o Il Gelato

Cuisine: Gelato

Cititour Review:

I recently heard that M’o il Gelato has been getting rave reviews as having the best gelato in the city outside of Italy, so I thought I would venture downtown to check it out.  Now it’s been a long time since I visited Italy myself, but one thing I do remember, I loved the ice cream there and M’o definitely lives up to their reputation.  Choose from 18 different flavors including Zabaglione with marsala sweet wine, Tiramisu with mascarpone cheese, and Bacio with chocolate and hazelnuts.  Also on the menu are three dairy-free sorbettos; Fragola with organic strawberries, Mango, and Limone.

One very small scoop will run you $4.50, but for a chance to taste at least two different flavors of this creamy sweet stuff opt for the $6.00 portion.  I’m telling you, it’s well worth it.  I ordered a scoop of Delirium with chocolate chip cookies and a scoop of Monella with amarena cherries, toasted almonds, hazelnuts, and dark chocolate chips.  My only wish was that it was bigger, much bigger!

Preparation and service are as authentic as the gelato.  It’s made daily in small batches to ensure freshness with their master gelataio creating every unique flavor.  The nuts are flown in from Italy and the milk and produce are from local farms.  Also two friendly servers, talking mostly in Italian to each other, let me sample at least two different flavors before I made my mind up.

The best thing about gelato… it’s made with milk and water instead of milk and cream as regular ice cream is, so it has 60% less fat and fewer calories.  Now that’s Italian!

Review By: Andrea Muller

Neighborhood: Little Italy

M'o Il Gelato
178 Mulberry St (Broome St)
New York, NY
(212) 226-6758

Payment: Accepts Credit Cards