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Cuisine: American, Burgers

Cititour Review:

There's no shortage of fancy schmancy restaurants in the city's Meatpacking district. They've been packing 'em in at Pastis , stunning them at Spice Market, satisfying them at Markt and grabbing them at Highline. But just getting into these hot spots often means lengthy waits and some sticker shock when you finally get the bill. That's why it's nice to see a place like POP popping up. It's a burger joint, fitting for an area which got its start with beef. But POP manages to kick things up a notch. Up front, burgers are sizzling on the open fire grill, flames flickering high into the air, creating an inviting aroma that you might expect from a backyard barbecue. The seats have the look of a cafeteria. A wall of words highlights what POP has to offer. Surprisingly, you can fill up for under ten dollars, a steal in an area where you can expect to drop a few hundred dollars easily. POP burgers ($5) come in twos, neatly packed in their own cardboard box. They kind of reminded me of the White Castle variety, about two-to-three inches in diameter. But the burgers are plump and juicy and topped with fresh greens, tomato and cheese, and a sauce that resembled Russian dressing. Delicious! There's also an Invisible Burger ($6) made with portobello mushrooms, a grilled chicken sandwich ($7) and a crispy fried shrimp sandwich ($7). French fries and onion rings (the frozen variety with diced onions) are offered as sides. Milk shakes are served ($4.25) along with cupcakes and chocolate chip cookies for dessert. The real surprise is what you'll find behind the burger joint, a swanky, dimly lit lounge catering to a hip 20-something crowd. Now that's a place that has it all and definitely worth POP-ping over!

Review By: Sam Sayegh

Neighborhood: Meatpacking District

58-60 Ninth Avenye
New York, NY
(212) 414-8686
(212) 414-5725 fax

Entree Price: <$10
Takeout: Yes
Delivery: Yes