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Cuisine: Pizza, Roman


Roman pizza arrives uptown at PQR, also known as Pizza Quadrata Romana. It’s run by Angelo Iezzi, a pizza master from Italy, who during our visit, with a thick accent, asked each customers if they enjoyed his pizza. What’s not to like? The rectangular pies are made with a thick crust that puffs up to become light and airy with lots of crevices. The pizzas are topped with a variety of fresh ingredients like the Bufalino with buffalo mozzarella, Patate Porchetta with thin slices of golden potatoes on top, Spinach Asiago and a traditional margarita. Prices range from $4 to $10 with limited seating in the back. Judging by the crowds PQR looks like it’s on the way to becoming a popular neighborhood spot.

- Thomas Rafael

Neighborhood: East 80s

1631 2nd Ave (84th St)
New York, NY

Hours: Daily 11am-10pm
Payment: Accepts Credit Cards