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Rocky Sullivan's
34 Van Dyke St (Dwight St)
Brooklyn, NY, 11231
(718) 246-8050

Cuisine: Pub Food

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Cititour Review:

Rocky Sullivan's is well off-the beaten track in Red Hook, Brooklyn.  It's surrounded by industrial lots and a smattering of homes.  So it was quite surprising to walk through the door and find a thriving bar and restaurant.

We arrived at about 9 pm on a Friday night and the place was jam-packed with a young crowd, but not too young.  The beer was flowing, and the music and chatter from the crowd filled the room.  The place has a nice pub feel with long sharing tables up front, and a more formal dining area next door.  

It  kinda reminded me of a crowd you might find at Chumley's in Manhattan.  Only this was Brooklyn, and the middle-of-nowhere Brooklyn. 

But we were on a mission this night.  This was lobster night.  On Friday's the restaurant serves up lobsters from Lobster Pound in Red Hook which brings 'em in fresh from Maine.  We waited about a half hour for a table, sipping our pints of Six Points Ale while muching on some crunchy chicken fingers at the bar.  Finally, a table opened up and we were off for some lobster.

Dinner here is nothing fancy.  The lobsters arrived in cardboard boxes with a side of potato salad and spicy french fries.   But it's the lobsters that are the true stars.  Cooked until bright red, we dove in with nutcrackers in hand, and found some of the freshest lobster you'll ever eat without a trip to Maine.  The meat was juicy and sweet; even the claws which tend be salty in some other dining establishments.  Each piece was a bit of heaven that we drenched in a bowl of clarified butter.   Thank goodness for our lobster bibs.  We needed them as prodded and pulled the lobster meat hoping to get every delicious bite.

An added bonus was the live band that showed up, belting out instrumentals like Peter Gunn and the themes to Hawaii Five-O and Mission Impossible.

It truly was a great night, and the staff at Rocky Sullivan's couldn't have been nicer.   Well done!   

Review By: Thomas Rafael

Neighborhood: Red Hook

Payment: Accepts Credit Cards

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