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Thai Farm Kitchen

Thai Farm Kitchen

Cuisine: Thai

Cititour Review:

Some of the best restaurants are the ones you stumble upon. Intrigued by the sign outside, we decided to step into Thai Farm Kitchen, a family-friendly spot with an open-air kitchen in Kensington. Owner, Jess Calvo, offers each guest a traditional Thai greeting, including a slight bow. The food here also deserves a bow. 

First, a bit about the space itself. It almost feels like you are entering a Thai village with lots of natural wood and artwork imported from Thailand. Table service includes a golden knife and fork, as well as engraved silver cups. It’s a bit glam for comfort food, but who can complain when you are being treated like royalty.

Our feast began with two Thai soups; one made with coconut milk, chicken, lemongrass and mushrooms with a drizzle of bright red chili oil on top. It’s fabulous. Also, quite good was the meatball soup with vegetables topped with fresh cilantro in a sweet and sour broth. A selection of Isaan appetizers comes with Thai sausage, sautéed chicken wings, deep-fried pork and spicy green papaya salad. Pad Thai arrives with crunchy rings of squid and grilled shrimp. A bowl of red curry brings stewed duck with slices of Chinese eggplant and crisp green beans served with a bed of jasmine rice. It’s food that warms the belly and the soul. Everything we tried was intensly flavorful. But watch out, they do not hold back on he heat.

As we left we noticed a bunch of autographed Polaroid selfies taped to the front door signed by customers. One read, putting the “bang” back in Bangkok. We agree!

Review By: Thomas Rafael

Neighborhood: Kensington

Thai Farm Kitchen
416 Church Ave (4th & 5th St)
Brooklyn, NY
(347) 533-9368

Payment: Accepts Credit Cards