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Tipsy Shanghai  Hell's Kitchen, New York, NY

Vestry  SoHo, New York, NY

Ferdi  West Village, New York, NY

Alpha:  All
Cuisine:  Champagne Bar
Borough:  All
Town:  All
Area:  All
Cost:  All
Focus:  All
Matches:  8

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Birds & Bubbles
Fried Chicken
100 Forsyth Street (Grand St)
Lower East Side

Bubble Lounge
Champagne Bar
228 west broadway

Flute Bar & Lounge
Champagne Bar
205 West 54th
West 50s

Palm Court and Champagne Bar
Champagne Bar
59th St and Fifth Ave (Plaza Hotel)
East 50s

Champagne Bar
51 Bank St (West 4th St)
West Village

The Cafe at Country
90 Madison Ave (29th St)
Murray Hill

The Riddler
Champagne Bar
51 Bank Street (W 4th St)
West Village

Winston's Champagne Bar
Champagne Bar
420 Park Avenue South (29th St)
Flatiron District