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5824 8 Ave (Suite D)
Brooklyn, NY, 11220
(347) 915-0660

Cuisine: Desserts , Bakery , Asian

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Cititour Review:

If you looking for something a bit more exotic for dessert, you might want to try iDessert in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.  We were drawn in by the futuristic design and candy apple red counter.  Here you will find items such as grass jelly, peanut paste and "purple glutinous (black) rice soup" mixed with things like mango, black sesame paste and soybean pudding.  You will also find sago, which resembles tapioca pearls, served with shaved ice and mango ($5.75), and mochi, a glutinous rice paste that is wrapped around things like ice cream and dusted with powdered sugar.  Here the mochi comes in flavors such as sesame, red bean and peanut.  All of which are served in a ginger soup ($2.95 -$4.50 for 3 pieces).  The menu also feature sea coconut juice with sago and lily bulbs ($4.75), as well as a pear lotus hashima soup ($5.75).
Not being quite so daring, I settled on a cupcake, which looked more like a deconstructed slice of strawberry shortcake served parfait-style in a clear plastic cup.  Very sweet and yummy.  My son and I also devoured a slice of the creme brulee cheesecake with a crispy sugary coating.  It is simply amazing and well worth a return visit.  iDessert is also selling crepes ($4.25) topped with chocolate and whipped cream.  Add bananas, mango or kiwi for an extra buck.  Better yet, top it with some green tea ice cream.

iDessert is fun, exciting and delicious.  It's what we've all come to expect from New York - the unexpected.

Review By: Thomas Rafael


Neighborhood: Sunset Park

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