2014 Holiday Shops at Bryant Park

Nov 01, 2014
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Each year I stop by the holiday market at Bryant Park, and as usual there's always something that catches my eye.

At Brazilian Home Collection (http://bhcollection.com) weighty stone pots and pans made of soapstone and copper are not only beautiful, but useful.  A large round one looked like it would be great for pizza.  The friendly salesperson says they're great for holding heat, making them perfect for stews and even frying fish.  Prices start at around fifty bucks.  They also have lovely oversized glass apple sculptures (along with pears and cherries) that are sure to liven up any room.

At Momo Glassworks (http://momoglass.com) I fell in love with the hand-crafted glass earings.  Small ones in a rainbow of colors, some with mosaic prints, are priced perfectly for stocking stuffers at $18.  I purchased a black and gold number.  I'm told the owners make everything themselves, including glass tiles with hand-painted murals.  Prices start at around a hundred bucks.

At The Raw Art (http://www.bnsbns.com), an iconic image from Breakfast at Tiffany's shouted out at me.  Not only did it portray one of my favorite actresses of all time, Audrey Hepburn, it also provided a burst of color.  Artist BNS uses street art techniques, including spray paint, ink and photography for these unique designs.  Smaller pieces start at $25; several hundred for the large ones.

Pamela Barsky (http://pamelabarsky.com) is another popular spot for a one-of-a-kind gift.  Small canvas pouches are plastered with whitty slogans like "I ate everything in New York" and "I'm married to my work and I want a divorce."

Vinyl lives on at Wrecords by Monkey (http://www.wrecordsbymonkey.com) where old records become works of art.  You will also find flashy wristbands, cuffs, jewelry and other chotchkies.

Hand-knit wool sweaters from Ireland are thick and warm and come in an assortment of colors in the event we're hit with another artic blast this Winter.  Find them at Ireland in Print along with hats and scarves.

And how's this for a bright idea?  Light fixtures made from recycled milk cartons.  A company called Infinity Lights (http://www.infinitylight.com) is selling these make-your-own lamp shades in an assortment of mix-and-match colors perfect for that crafty person in your life this holiday season.

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Author: J. Lin

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