Much Ado About Nothing


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Jun 07, 2024 to Jun 30, 2024
7:30pm to 9:30pm
$25 to $35
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Shakespeare’s tragic comedy Much Ado About Nothing is a Merry War. The courtship of Hero and Claudio, mostly in verse, contrasting with the witty sparring of Benedick and Beatrice, mainly in prose, creates the dramatic action of the story. Hero’s honor tainted by rumor rescued by truth is the plot, the story is more about playful flirting, sexual innuendo, and funny comic relief characters. It could be called The Law against Lovers. Ending in a double wedding what could be more fun than laughing at our soul’s desire for love and affection.

Set in 1940’s Italy, one is reminded of the hot Italian lover and his pension for the promiscuous. Much Ado About Nothing is a feel-good comedy about honor, love, sex and just plain fun!

Directed by Thomas G. Waites
Presented by Faith American Brewing Company and Kelsey Grammer

Several roles will be shared between a rotating cast of actors including Aislinn Evans and Kaitlyn Mitchell as Beatrice, Artur Ignatenko and Jake Minevich as Benedick and Jordan Elizabeth Gelber and Stephanie Londoño as Hero. In addition, the cast features Dillon John Collins, Jacque Coqueran, Gilbert Cole, Surge, Breanna Neomi, Matt Ugly Mc Glade, Arnie Mazur, John Galligan, Luis Guillen, Bettina Schwabe, Brandon Thomas Lima, David Manganiello, and Cedric Allen Hills.

Author: Alton

Gene Frankel Theatre
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