Financial District


Photo: Thomas Rafael

At the southern-most tip of Manattan lies the Financial District, so named because the offices and headquarters of many of the country's major financial institutions are there, including the New York Stock Exchange. The Financial District is often called "Wall Street," although technically that term refers to the financial markets themselves, while the Financial District is the name given to the geographic locale of the offices. Just north of the Financial District lies City Hall and City Hall Park.

Although there are a few apartment complexes in the area, the Financial District is mainly a center of commerce and business complexes. Ferries from New Jersey and Staten Island deposit many commuting workers on the the Island of Manhattan every day. The Financial District was once home to the World Trade Center's Twin Towers, which were at the heart of the district before their destruction on 9/11/2001. The site of the World Trade Center has become a point of interest for many tourists.

Molly O'Neill