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11 Tigers Roars into East Village
August 22, 2022, 6:36.25 pm ET


11 Tigers Roars into East Village
Photos: Chaya Meeboon

East Village nightlife has a roaring new success: 11 Tigers (225 Avenue B), a bar and restaurant that combines Thai eating and drinking culture with traditional Japanese izakaya fare.

The brainchild of several Thai partners, including mixologist Phattraphorn “Sayparn” Wongsak, restaurateur Boy Niphitkunthong, Chef Siwapong “Boss” Sudsua, and Chef Pui Natthapol Olarickpha, 11 Tigers is named for a traditional herbal mixture used to infuse ya dong, a variety of Thai medicinal liquor typically made with rice-based whiskey that is a featured ingredient in many of the house’s cocktails.

Guests enter the space through an unmarked door that leads to a staircase lined with fierce, colorful tigers before arriving in the sleek wood-paneled dining room featuring a portrait of a tuxedo clad tiger with brandy snifter situated above a grand banquette.

11 Tigers Roars into East Village

Dining snacks include Takowasa, raw octopus marinated in wasabi and karashi mustard; grilled Shishito Peppers with sea salt; and Look Chin Pla Ping, grilled fish balls served with 11 Tigers Wild Ocean Sauce. The menu also includes Kee Mao Tiger Udo; a play on the Thai classic drunken noodles made with stir fried Japanese noodles, Thai basil, green peppercorn, and fingerroot all topped with ribeye steak; Black Panther Curry, squid ink fettuccine in makrut lime scented Thai Panang curry also topped with ribeye steak; and 11 Tigers Tom Yum Ramen, Japanese ramen noodles in slow simmered tonkatsu broth flavored with galangal, lemongrass, chili and makrut lime all topped with a juicy jumbo prawn.

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