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A Secret New Restaurant Called WANGBI Emerges in K-Town
September 28, 2023, 5:50.53 pm ET


Photos: Wangbi

Fine-dining establishment WANGBI gets its name from a play on last name of owner Tony Park’s wife, Katherine, and the Korean word for “Queen.” It can be found found hidden inside the Korean BBQ restaurant Antoya.

Leading this culinary voyage is the distinguished Executive Chef Taewoo Kim. With an impressive history of culinary excellence across South Korea, Australia, and the U.S., including stints at Michelin-starred restaurant, Jua, Chef Kim takes guests on an immersive journey he creates seven culinary courses.

Diners are drawn into the making of in-house Kimchi geotjeori, a traditional Korean dish made up of an array of hand-minced ingredients entwined with onions, garlic, ginger, Korean pear, and chili peppers. Guests will also witness the process of making noodles by hand served with a bone marrow broth for a dish called Soojebi. Other offerings involve oxtail, short rib, watermelon and butter.

At the conclusion of the meal, diners will be met with a sweet finale in the form of a Korean popsicle to satisfy the palate. While there feel free to imbibe on carefully choreographed Korean cocktails and seven beers picked after travels to more than 1200 breweries.

Much of WANGBI’s design is inspired by the royal palace of the Joseon Dynasty, in which there is a replica. Handmade tableware is also designed to capture the essence of Korean culture.

WANGBI is located at 37 W 32nd Street on the mezzanine level with two seatings per evening. For more information, visit