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A Yakitori Master Arrives on the Scene at Kono in Chinatown
April 25, 2022, 12:43.41 am ET


A Yakitori Master Arrives on the Scene at Kono in Chinatown
Photos: Ben Hon @stuffbeneats

Located in the Canal Arcade, a passageway connecting the Bowery to Elizabeth Street in New York City’s Chinatown is Kono, a kappo-style yakitori omakase rooted in tradition. Chef Atsushi "ATS" Kono is the force behind the new restaurant bearing his name.

Kono, Chinatown, NYC, Chef Atsushi

Kono was the chef and manager of the Michelin-starred Yakitori Torishin (which got the star during his tenure) and a three-star review from the New York Times. Kono also ran the Chikarashi Isso pop-up at Hotel 50 Bowery during the pandemic, which served as a trial-run for the KONO concept.

Kono, Chinatown, NYC, Yakitori Omakase

The centerpiece is an intimate 14-seat chef's counter surrounding a sunken binchotan grilling station clad in rich green marble, giving guests an eye-level view as “ATS” expertly tends the grill. There is also seating for groups of four to six in a semi-private dining area. Earthy wood tones and rich emerald greens illuminate the space.

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At Kono, it is all about traditional Japanese skewered and grilled chicken. The multi-course, kappo-style yakitori omakase features the highest quality organic Amish chicken, as well as seasonal vegetables and ingredients.

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Dishes include Chicken Skin Crisps, Chicken Thigh Roulade, and grilled Crown. Other offerings range from King Crab and Quail to Tsukune Meatballs. All of the skewers are prepared over binchotan charcoal which can burn at 1,000 degrees eliminating any unwanted tastes and odors.

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Signature cocktails including a smoked Grand Old Fashioned are offered. The entire dining experience lasts about two and a half hours and costs $165 per person. Kono say it intends to “honor and respect tradition while breathing new life into New York City's exciting dining culture.”

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Kono is located at 46 Bowery, New York, NY (646) 524 6838

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