Caput Mundi Brings Rome to SoHo

September 6, 2022, 7:28.25 pm ET  

Caput Mundi Brings Rome to SoHo
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Caput Mundi restaurant, located on 59 Grand Street, will transport diners to Rome thanks to its authentic menu and Italian-inspired design. Piermarco Diglio and his wife Arianna mix the magical charm of Rome with SoHo’s vibrant atmosphere in this inviting eatery, which features a wide selection of delectable dishes, complemented by an excellent wine and cocktail selection as well as impeccable service.

Caput Mundi Brings Rome to SoHo

Highlights of chef Alberto Marcelo’s menu include Gricia, a pasta dish similar to a Carbonara but prepared without egg; Saltimbocca alla romana, prepared with veal, baked potatoes and Prosciutto chips; and Branzino in Guazzetto, which is white sea bass with cherry tomatoes, baked potatoes and salted crumble.

Arianna Diglio, co-owner, is in charge of the dessert menu. One of her signature desserts is the Piccola Pasticceria, which is a selection that includes Cannoli, Babà, Tartelletta and Ciambellina al vino.

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