Ceramics Master Shiro Tsujimura Exhibit at THE GALLERY

September 7, 2023, 5:41.39 pm ET  

Photo: Julianne Steege                                                                                      

Contemporary ceramics artist Shiro Tsujimura, considered a living legend in Japan, will have his works on display at THE GALLERY (17 West 20th Street) from September 9th through December 17th.

For this exhibition, THE GALLERY led by Michelin-starred chef Hiroki Odo, has been transformed into a “forest within the city” in homage of Tsujimura’s home in majestic Nara, which is where he has built a teahouse and seven kilns over the years. Tsujimura’s creations are described as “pure and spiritual” where the art of imperfection plays an important role.

Photo: Aya Kishimito                                                                                            

Chef Odo has created special dishes to complement the exhibition including Charcoal-Grilled Duck with Sansho-Soy Sauce; Pot-Cooked Seasoned Rice Ball with Ayu (a fish with distinctive, sweet flavor with melon and cucumber aromas); and Seasonal Kinchaku-Bukuro (a pouch-type dish crafted from tofu-skin wrap with seasonal vegetables).

Photo: Aya Kishimito                                                                                         

The exhibition is realized in association with the acclaimed Yoshii Gallery in New York. For more information, visit https://www.odogallery.nyc/

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