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Charles Pan-Fried Chicken Sets its Sights on Brooklyn
June 22, 2024, 9:55.06 am ET



Chef Charles Gabriel, the mastermind behind Charles Pan-Fried Chicken, which opened in Harlem and now has three locations in Manhattan, tells CITITOUR he’s scouting out a location now in Brooklyn. We caught up with Chef Charles at Bryant Park where he’s helping to feed the masses at this year’s Picnic Performances. Here’s our impromptu interview:

CITITOUR: Why are you in Bryant Park?

CHEF CHARLES: We’re In Bryant Park because they invited us here and it’s been great.

CITITOUR: What are you selling?

CHEF CHARLES: We’re selling fried chicken, catfish. Also, we’ve got much more. We’ve got collard greens, we’ve got yams, macaroni and cheese and also in the restaurant we’ve got a lot more to offer. We’ve got BBQ ribs, smoked ribs, smoked BBQ chicken, we’ve got pulled pork. We’ve got a lot going on in the restaurants.

CITITOUR: You’ve been expanding.

CHEF CHARLES: Oh, yes, we have. We have three restaurants now and we’re working on the fourth one.

CITITOUR: Oh, really. Where’s that going to be?

CHEF CHARLES: Well, we’re trying to get to Brooklyn. That’s what we’re working on.

CITITOUR: What part?

CHEF CHARLES: I’d say by the Barclays Center. We’re trying to get out in that area.

CITITOUR: Brooklyn’s hopping, right?

CHEF CHARLES: Yes. Yes (laughter)

CITITOUR: When you’re in the city in Harlem is that still your base?

CHEF CHARLES: That’s my main base. My main base is Harlem. That’s where I started from and that’s what I’m doing now. My main place is Harlem.

CITITOUR: In your blood.

CHEF CHARLES: In my blood. That’s where I started from, from nothing and now here I am, here.

We’d like to thank Chef Charles Gabriel for speaking with us and wish him our best in his future endeavors. iIf you’d like more information on Charles Pan-Fried Chicken and his three restaurants, visit [VIDEO]