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Chef Aneesa Waheed of Tara Kitchen Tribeca Named NY’s Small Business Person of the Year
May 10, 2024, 8:53.03 am ET


Photos: Tara's Kitchen

Celebrity chef Aneesa Waheed — who owns Tara Kitchen Tribeca and has made appearances on Beat Bobby Flay as well as with Guy Fieri on the Food Network — was just named New York’s Small Business Person of the Year by the Small Business Administration.

Waheed opened her first Tara Kitchen in Schenectady in 2012, and now operates six locations across New York, New Jersey, and in India. Tara Kitchen’s sauces and spices are available in local stores and supermarkets across the northeast and can be purchased online at

“I share this with the community, my team, vendors, and a staggering number of New York agencies that have supported me in my career and continue to support the growth of the Tara Kitchen brand,” said Waheed.

Additionally, for the first time since opening in 2023, Tara Kitchen Tribeca is launching a Moroccan brunch program this weekend which include Manhattan’s first beghrir, better known as “1,000 hole pancakes.”

The semolina-flour and sugar beghrir are cooked exclusively on one side, never flipped; thanks to yeast in the batter, tiny holes appear on the surface, giving rise to a delicate and lacy texture. They’re then anointed with homemade honey butter and fresh berries.

Other brunch items include a Morrocan Omelet. Lamb Hash, Shakshuka, Eggs Benedict with harissa hollandaise, and more.