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Cool Sips Brings 'Dirty Drinks' to the Seaport
June 18, 2024, 6:39.01 pm ET


Cool Sips is bringing its custom Dirty Drinks to the Seaport (84 South Street, Pier 16, Manhattan) on the heels of its opening at Rockefeller Center.

Cool Sips is known for elevating fountain drinks with creams, flavored syrups, jelly candies, and boba, Cool Sips is bringing dirty soda to NYC. These customizable, virgin offerings are all the rage amongst Gen Alpha, Gen Z, & even older folks looking for a cold treat without an alcoholic buzz.

Signature Sips include the Dirty Dirty (Dr. Pepper, Coconut, Lime, Half & Half) and P-Town (Starry, Blue Raspberry, Watermelon). There are Stuffed Sips, like the Fulong (Sweet Tea, Sweet Cream, Brown Sugar Boba), Dewey (Lemonade, Mango, Pineapple, Mango Jellies), and Pines (Club Soda, Peach, Kiwi Boba)

An exclusive “Secret Sip” will also be offered that is unique to the Seaport location. The Queen Street (Club Soda, Unsweetened Black Tea, Cherry Syrup) is a nod to a historic thoroughfare in the area.

On opening day (6/27/24) visitors are invited to spin a prize wheel for a chance to win a variety of perks, free drinks & discounts from 4pm - 6pm.