El Turco Has Arrived in East Hampton

August 26, 2022, 5:50.09 pm ET  

Photos: El Turco                                                                                                       

El Turco, which is renowned for offering fully authentic Turkish inspired food, has opened in East Hampton (44 Three Mile Road) in a stunningly well-designed space.

Created with high-quality meats, fine imported spices, and local seasonal ingredients, each dish on the menu is based on classic Turkish recipes and has been reimagined by the eatery’s famed culinary team.

El Turco Has Arrived in East Hampton

The menu features a variety of fresh summer salads and other tantalizing small plates such as Manti, small beef dumplings topped with garlic yogurt, sumac and dry mint. Some of the restaurant’s signature dishes include Roasted Beet HummusKopogluRed Lentil Balland Armenian style PilakiMain dishes include such classics as Ali Nazik Kebaba smoked pureed eggplant topped with cubes of sauteed lamb, as well as a traditional Mediterranean style grilled Sea Bass.

An eclectic range of live entertainment and curated music are featured as guests enjoy food and drinks, including wine and cocktails.

For more information, visit elturcoturkishfood.com 

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