Guy Fieri's Flavortown ''Ghost" Kitchen Arrives in Times Square

February 20, 2021, 8:12.27 am ET  

Guy Fieri's Flavortown ''Ghost Kitchen'' Arrives in Times Square
Photo: Guy Fieri                                                                                                      

Guy Fieri’s Flavortown "Ghost Kitchen" has arrived in Times Square, not too far from the site of his former restaurant. But you won’t find any sign of the celebrity chef. Located in a storefront, that also houses Il Buco and Planet Hollywood, the only sign that the place even exists is a  fold-out table with some brown paper bags on top and delivery people picking up.

While you won’t find any sign or cutout of the celebrity chef. You will find things like Jalapeño Pig Poppers ($12.99) Bacon-wrapped, fire roasted jalapeños, stuffed with andouille, pimento, S-M-Cheesesteak Egg Rolls ($14.99) shaved ribeye, SMC (super melty cheese), provolone & sriracha ketchup, Bourbon Brown Sugar BBQ Wings ($13.99) Guy's Award-winning Bourbon Brown Sugar BBQ sauce, buttermilk ranch dip, and the Real Cheezy Burger, 80/20 ground beef, SMC, LTOP, Donkey sauce, garlic buttered brioche with an option to add bacon. There’s also Flavortown Fried and Mac Daddy Mac ‘n Cheese. For dessert, there is the Cheesecake Challenge, NY-style cheesecake topped, salted potato chips, crushed pretzels + fudge sauce, and Chocolate Whiskey Cake.

Open from 10am th 10pm, Delivery only.

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