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Hot Plate: Dim Sum Palace in the Financial District
September 20, 2023, 1:04.06 am ET



Dim Sum Palace can be found throughout the city. But one of the most stylish locations is in the heart of the Financial District at 123 William Street, located just blocks away from the World Trade Center and new Perelman Performing Arts Center.

An elegant crystal chandelier and bar lead the way to the main dining room surrounded by murals of mystical mountains with storks flying in unison. Nearby, pristine tanks hold Dungeness crabs and lobsters.

During this visit, the restaurant was celebrating its Mid-Autumn Festival with duck as the star attraction – duck dumplings, duck egg rolls and Peking Duck. Fill the steamed wrappers with morsels of duck and crispy skin along with thinly sliced scallion and cucumber. Drizzle on some hoisin sauce and it truly is a festival of flavors.

The restaurant is also known for its namesake, dim sum. There are dozens to choose from including shrimp and chicken dumplings, shumai, BBQ pork buns, pan-fried pork dumplings and steamed spare ribs to name a few. Larger plates for sharing include Hong Kong BBQ with choice of roast pig, soy sauce chicken, roast pork and duck. Several types of congee and noodle soups are also offered.

Dim Sum Palace FiDi is a fantastic spot for both small and large groups looking to experience the true flavors of China. For more information, visit