Jungsik Reveals Its New Fall Menu

November 9, 2021, 7:08.13 pm ET  

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Jungsik, a contemporary Korean restaurant, led by newly appointed Executive Chef Daeik Kim, is unveiling its new five-course seasonal menu, the first under Kim. Known for its inventive New Korean cuisine, Jungsik also likes to add a bit of whimsy to its dishes.

The new five-course menu begins with Squid stuffed with squid ink risotto and served with a dashima beurre blanc sauce. The dish is topped with smoked trout roe in a tribute to the Oh-Jing-Uh, a spicy squid stir-fry found in the coastal regions of Korea.


Diners will also discover Bossom Bibimbap, an elevated rendition of a Korean pork belly dish cooked confit-style over Dwaengjang rice with onion jiangaji and chiffonade of wild sesame, garnished with purple shiso.

Black Cod and Squab also make an appearance. The squab is dry aged for three days, oven roasted and finished over a charcoal fire. It's served in a squab jus made with a traditional Korean wine, Bokbunja, in homage to the Korean dish Tteok-galbi.

The meal ends with Executive Pastry Chef Yoonjung Oh’s Charcoal and Corn, a grilled corn dessert with grilled corn ice cream and a brown butter crumble. Its plating evokes memories of a bonfire, with charcoal pieces lying on the left and ice cream on the right.

The Seasonal Menu is priced at $165 with the option for a wine pairing for an additional $110 or a premium wine pairing for $300.

For more information visit Jungsik.com


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