Just Opened - Marvelous by Fred, The Q and more...

June 30, 2021, 11:39.26 pm ET  

Just Opened - Marvelous by Fred, The Q and more...

Marvelous by Fred, aka Aux Merveilleux de Fred, has just opened a spectacular new French pastry shop on the corner of 37th St and Avenue of the Americas. The centerpiece is a crystal chandelier that practically spans the entire width of the shop. It's quite the showstopper as are the baked goods. Among the "marvelous" desserts are chocolate chip brioche (to die for!), regular and mini Merveilleux (meringue with whipped cream and topped with chocolate flakes), assorted croissants and merigues, as well as sandwiches. Coffee drinks are also availlable.   

For more information visit www.marvelousbyfred.com 

 Just Opened - Marvelous by Fred, The Q and more...
Photos: Cititour.com                                                                                     

The Q nightclub is a multi-level queer venue that just opened in the heart of Hell's Kitchen at 795 8th Avenue. We stopped in for a quick look-see. It's quite extravagent with black walls, crystal chandeliers, bright red curtains and curvy banquettes. There's also an amazingly long bar and that's just the first floor. In fact, there are 4 separate dance floors, 19 DJs and 3 parties going at any time with "epic" lights and sound. Staff is also super friendly. To start they've been doing some private parties but get ready for The Q to burst on the scene big time! No cover before 11 am, $20 after.

For more information visit theqnyc.com 

Harlem Bakery Make My Cake now has a third location, a coffee shop, called I Like It Black, at 409 West 125th Street. The shop is serving assorted coffee drinks and pastries. Sweet Tea and Nitro Southern Brew are counted among the offerings.

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