Kru Brings Royal Thai Food to Williamsburg

September 13, 2022, 6:47.53 pm ET  

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Kru, a new Thai restaurant run by the husband-and-wife team of Chef Ohm Suansilphong and Kiki Supap, will open in Williamsburg (190 N. 14th Street) in mid-September.

The couple serves dishes once enjoyed by Thai royalty, some from recipes over 100 years old, that incorporate worldly ingredients. Among the house specialties are Crab Meat “Pla” Style Salad, which features lightly cooked crab tossed with an array of vegetables, Japanese fish sauce and lime juice; “Lon” Olives, which are Kalamata olives simmered in coconut cream and pandan leaves and seasoned with a medley of spices; Cured Pork Jowl Simmered in Coconut Cream; “Kaeng Kua” Lobster with Santol; and Pineapple and Dried Prawns with Noodles.

The restaurant will also have a wine selection spotlighting organic/sustainable wines that showcase terroir and complement Chef Ohm’s food.

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