Marc Forgione’s Peasant unveils its new Spritz Bar

May 18, 2022, 7:49.39 pm ET  

Photo: Peasant                                                                         

Peasant (194 Elizabeth St), the iconic wood-fired Italian restaurant recently taken over by acclaimed chef Marc Forgione, is unveiling its new spring and summer offerings, including an al fresco spritz bar. 

The spritzes are inspired by regions of Italy, including the Tarocco Spritz (Turin, Piedmont) with Ruche Chinato, blood orange juice, Contratto Bitter, Vanilla and Prosecco; Aperol Spritz Rx/Up (Padua, Veneto), a classic Aperol Spritz on the rocks with the option to add an Aperol Spritz Jello Back; and Mistaken Negroni (Milan, Lombardy) with Campari, Martini Riserva, Speciale Rubino and Prosecco; among others.

Peasant Wine Bar is also offering a chance to explore each of Italy’s regions through a menu featuring 20 wines by the glass, one for every region. The team has created a Wine Passport, where guests receive a stamp for every glass ordered from each region. After a guest has all twenty regions stamped, they are rewarded with a gift. Peasant will hold onto each passport between visits.

The menu is an ode to simple rustic wood-fired Italian cooking and uses seasonal, local, and thoughtfully sourced ingredients while keeping the spirit of the 22 year-old neighborhood favorite restaurant alive.

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