Michelin Announces 12 New Starred Restaurant Rankings in NYC

November 8, 2023, 10:54.09 am ET  

Photo: Chef Hiroki Odo/Cody Rasmussen                                         

12 New York City Restaurants have been awarded Michelin Stars in 2023.  Two restaurants, odo and Sushi Noz, have been awarded two stars.  There are 8 one-star winners and two green stars.  No restaurants were awarded 3 stars among this year’s picks. Here’s the list:

New Two Stars

Cuisine: Japanese

Sushi Noz
Cuisine: Japanese

New One Stars

Cuisine: Contemporary

Essential by Christophe
Cuisine: French Contemporary

Cuisine: Japanese

Cuisine: Korean

Restaurant Yuu
Cuisine: French Contemporary

Cuisine: Israeli

Sushi Ichimura
Cuisine: Japanese

Cuisine: Contemporary

New Green Stars

Dirt Candy
Cuisine: Vegetarian

Family Meal at Blue Hill
Cuisine: American

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