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Modern Thai Dining Arrives at Bangkok Supper Club
September 14, 2023, 7:27.30 pm ET


Photos: Evan Sung

The West Village is now home to an exciting new restaurant exploring the flavors of Thailand. The Bangkok Supper Club, from the group behind Fish Cheeks, is serving inventive, contemporary Thai fare in a sophisticated, yet relaxed setting.

A white-hot charcoal grill is the centerpiece of the open kitchen where Bangkok-born chef Max Wittawat is creating vibrant, shareable plates rooted in the electrifying flavors of the city’s late-night culinary scene.

Among the dishes - fried sticky rice-stuffed chicken wings meant to capture the essence of Hainanese chicken in one bite. Whole Branzino is served with Namn Jim seafood sauce, while “egg salad” is made with fried duck egg and trout roe. Scallop Ceviche comes with spicy watermelon granita.

Seared sea bass is served in a hand-crushed chakram curry with sea beans, redefining how diners experience not only the country’s classic fare but also its lesser-known gems,

Playful cocktails offer hints of smoke, acid, brine and spice while the traditional Thai flavors of pandan, coconut, fish sauce and coriander root provide an added depth of flavor.

Earth tones, and minimalist design fill the space while muted green banquettes, textured clay tile walls and soft lighting set the mood for a night out at the Bangkok Supper Club.

Bangkok Supper Club is located at 641 Hudson St, New York, NY (646) 344-1733. For more information, visit