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Momofuku Noodle Bar Announces Summer Specials
July 4, 2024, 10:42.08 am ET


Photos: Momofuku Noodle Bar

Momofuku Noodle Bar with locations in the East Village and Uptown) is introducing new summer specials, including a slushie and new soft serve options. The include:

Pineapple Yuzu Soft Serve at Noodle Bar East Village

A longtime favorite on the Noodle Bar Menu, the seasonal soft serve is a Pineapple Yuzu Soft Serve. Pineapple is in peak season, complemented by the crystallized yuzu strips to give a bit of a crunch – it’s the perfect bite of summer.

Dreamsicle Slushie at Noodle Bar East Village/Uptown

Both Noodle Bar locations are featuring Dreamsicle Slushie, a refreshing summer beverage created by John deBary (former Bar Director of Momofuku) made with condensed milk, orange Kool-Aid Powder and soju. All proceeds from the Dreamsicle Slushie will go to Restaurant Workers’ Community Foundation’s Racial Justice Fund (which deBary co-founded).

Corn Ribs are Back at Noodle Bar East Village/Uptown

In continuation of the yearlong celebration of 20 years of Momofuku, both Noodle Bar locations will be offering their famed Corn Ribs for the month of July. Created by longtime Momofuku chef Max Ng at Momofuku Ssäm Bar, the Corn Ribs are back for the summer.

Pork Katsu XL at Noodle Bar East Village

Selling out nightly, the new dishes at Noodle Bar East Village are perfect for sharing. One of the most popular items, the Pork Tomahawk Katsu is served with Japanese Curry, rice, cabbage slaw and pickled ginger.

Whole Roasted Duck Ssäm at Noodle Bar Uptown

In honor of the 20th anniversary, the team at Noodle Bar Uptown recently brought back Momofuku’s Whole Roasted Duck Ssäm (serves 4-6 people) to the menu. The beloved, large format meal first debuted at Ssäm Bar in 2011, and features a whole duck (from Crescent Farms in Long Island) that is dry-aged for one week, stuffed with duck and pork sausage, and roasted. The breasts are sliced, while the legs get fried for further crispiness. The Whole Roasted Duck Ssäm platter is filled with duck fat rice, scallion pancakes, lettuce, hoisin, Korean-style barbeque sauce and crispy shallots.