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Momoya SoHo Offers Upscale Japanese Fare
March 30, 2022, 6:04.19 pm ET


Momoya SoHo, NYC, Sushi
Photos: Momoya Soho

Fans of upscale Japanese fare will rejoice at the opening of Momoya SoHo (47 Prince Street). Upon entering the two-level space, patrons will discover a gleaming pine sushi bar seating 12 patrons where Sushi Chef and partner Wataru Mukai and Sushi Chef Subhash Gurung hold court. Here, one can experience Chef Gurung’s omakase of small appetizers, a 15-piece parade of Edomae style Nigiri, and dessert.

Momoya SoHo, NYC, Interior

Throughout the first level are tables for two with plushily covered club chairs done in sea green and blue, accented by flowing sheer curtains in the same colors which hang from the ceiling-to-floor windows. The second floor is for those who prefer a less boisterous experience or want to dine with larger groups.

Momoya SoHo, NYC, Lamb Chops

The restaurant’s cocktail bar features libations from noted alchemist Alex Ott, who uses only fresh juices, herbs, tinctures and aromatics to create such drinks as Interconnected (Champagne, Sandalwood, Apple, Lemon, Damso Soju), The Fountain (Cucumber, White Cranberry, Mild Bitters, Lime, Levigated Damso Soju, Sodium copper chlorophyllin), and Icebreaker (Pineapple, Anis, Ginger, Honey, Lime, Damso soju, Snow Angel nigori),

Momoya SoHo, NYC, Oysters

Meanwhile. Chef Tetsuya Okuda presides over the kitchen where he creates, in addition to a $150 tasting menu, such specialties as Nasu Dengaku (baked Japanese eggplant in a miso glaze), Agedashi Sesame Tofu, Chawanmushi, Uni Soba; Miso Black Cod with cauliflower rice; Lamb Saikyo Yaki with Shiitake and Maitake mushroom, tofu, burdock, red radish; and Salmon Yuan Yaki, marinated in miso and yuzu and smoked in cedar.

Momoya SoHo, NYC, Dessert

Drool-worthy desserts by pastry chef Norie Uematsu include Jasmine Tea Brulée with grapefruit and refreshing white chocolate mint ice cream; Pink Pineapple Warabi Mochi with coconut ice cream; and Mille Feuille aux Bananes with caramelized banana with houjicha rum-raisin ice cream.

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