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Monster Girls Take NYC by Storm as SushiDelic Marks First Year
July 1, 2024, 1:37.10 am ET



SushiDelic, the Kawaii restaurant in SoHo, celebrated its one-year anniversary with a visit from the “Monster Girls” from its sister restaurant, Kawaii Monster Café in Tokyo. We were introduced to Hanah “Lovely Cat” and Lulu “Crispy Cat” who told us of their love kawaii and the art of founder Sebastian Masuda.

“It is an experience like no other other,” Hanah told us. “You are not going to see another place that has a moving art exhibition on a conveyor belt, with lots of unique preparations of food, interesting costumes all designed by Sebastian Masuda.”

Sebastian Masuda

We also had a chance to speak with Masuda described as the "Godfather of Kawaii"who told us through an interpreter about the differences between the two restaurants. “Kawaii Monster is typically for the foreigners who go to Japan, while SushiDelic is for Americans, people who live in this country,” said Masuda.

Masuda also told us he is planning to expand to more locations so more people can experience the ways of Tokyo pop culture and enjoy the Kawaii experience which he describes as a “self-expression," a way to express yourself.

That expressions is also found in the type of food that is offered at SushiDelic whether it's a hand roll or hot pot. A Sushi Tower meant to be shared with groups with tiers of Chirashi Parfait (scattered sushi); Hand Rolls (California, vegetable, salmon, eel and Wagyu) and Sashimi (Faroe Island Salmon, Bluefin Tuna, Hokkaido Scallop and Himachi).

Another special item is the is the Harajuku Parfait Deluxe, a fun assortment of vibrant desserts flavors from the chef’s imagination.

The “Monster Girls” told us they were impressed with all of the tall building in New York City. When we asked why they are called Monster Girls, they told us because “we’re monsters, we’re not human. We’re monsters.” And with that the Monster Girls with their green lipstick, turquise blue eyeshadow, pink hearts and extravagant costumes were gone. But you can enjoy their spirit every day at SushiDelic.

SushiDelic is located at 177 Lafayette St, New York, NY (646) 478-7099. For more information, visit [VIDEO]