Murray's Cheese shop and restaurant arrives in LIC

August 18, 2020, 12:51.01 am ET  

Murray’s Cheese now has a cheese shop and restaurant in Long Island City. Designed by the Rockwell Group, Murray’s Cheese Bar LIC is the restaurant’s flagship location and its first-ever full-service bar, with an adjacent cheese shop offering more than 400 specialty items.  It's located not too far from Murray’s cheese aging caves, and the team took inspiration from the many colors and materials used for cheese aging and cheesemaking while creating the space. 

The seasonally-inspired menu features bento-box style cheese boards along with dishes for takeout, delivery, and at several outdoor tables. Look for things like the BGLT sandwich with a healthy stack of Bacon, Up in Smoke Goat Cheese, Lettuce + Tomato; seasonal Tomato Gazpacho is topped with charred red onion & cilantro; Summer Cobb Salad features Bayley Hazen Blue, Asparagus, a Soft Boiled Egg & Avocado Vinaigrette; and Half Roast Chicken Puttanesca for dinner paired with Pecorino Romano polenta. The shop is also offering everything from charcuterie, smoked fish, prepared foods, and pasta to chocolates, fresh baguettes, iced coffee and more.

Original house cocktails, frozen drinks, boozy ice pops and non-alcoholic drinks are offered along with wine and beer.  Highlights include Infinite Summer (Vodka, Lemon, Blueberry & Cardamom) and Paper Blimp (Coconut Fat-Washed Bourbon, Cappelletti, Amara Nonino, Lemon) along with Ice Pops in Americano or Whiskey Sour.  All drinks are available packaged to go.

Murray's Cheese Shop and Restaurant is located at 28-30 Jackson Avenue, Queens. 
The cheese shop can be reached at (347) 990-2134 and (347) 990-2130 for the restaurant.

Photos: Emily Andrews for Rockwell Group (Interiors), Nat Belkov (Culinary)                

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