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Murray's strikes gold with its Gilded Goat
January 15, 2021, 6:42.56 pm ET

Photo: Murrasy's Cheese
Murray's says it struck gold last year at its cheese caves and now it ready to give the public a taste of its "Gilded Goat." Gilded Goat, a decadent reimagining of Loire Valley Valencay, will be back in February for a limited time. Described as "sublimely creamy with a luxurious velvet mouthfeel," this goat cheese boasts a wrinkled rind coated with ash and flecks of pure gold leaf. There’s more to this Cavemaster original that meets the eye. Murray's says the delicate white paste within is studded with earthy black truffles, adding a "mouthwatering savor to its clean and lactic profile."