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Opening Night at Oiji Mi Near Union Square
May 11, 2022, 12:12.28 am ET


Oiji Mi, Korean Restaurant, NYC

We stopped in for a little look-see at Oiji Mi, a modern Korean restaurant, that just opened its doors on West 19th Street near Union Square.

First off, the place is flat-out gorgeous. The centerpiece is a beautiful white marble bar that separates the front of the house from the main dining area. Natural woods and earth tones add to the stylish setting.

A five course prix- fixe menu includes things like oysters with cucumber kimchi and green apple pearls; beef tartare with ramp, shiitake and mustard seed; and Heritage pork belly with oysters on the half shell. There is a Oiji Bowl with sea urchin, sweet shrimp and seaweed rice; Chili Lobster Ramyun with scallion garlic and sugar snap peas, and Dry-Aged Duck with leeks, chanterelle and aged kimchi.

Oiji Mi, Korean Restaurant, NYC

Cocktails are expertly prepared. We watched as our bartender branded our ice cubes with the restaurant logo. The drinks come stirred or shaken. We tried the Juju Vieux made with bourbon, date infused soju, lotus leaf, Benedictine and cynar. It is seriously good. The cocktail arrives with two dried gooseberry husks filled with sweet bubbles that you can nibble on to cleanse the palate. Very original and wonderful. Oiji Mi is truly a destination in the making.

Oiji Mi is located at 17 W 19th St, New York, NY (212) 256-1259

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