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Punjabi Flavors at Gulaabo in Midtown
August 2, 2023, 5:52.46 pm ET


Photos: Clay Williams

A restaurant dedicated to Punjabi cuisine is now open in the Theater District. Gulaabo, from the folks behind Indian gastro-pub Baar Baar, is offering an upscale stop for the cuisine of Northern India, in particular, the Punjab region.

Gulaabo’s kitchen is led by Head Chef Paramjeet Bombra and Pastry Chef Barinder Singh,both of whom hail from the state of Punjab. Dairy products (like ghee, paneer, and dahi), dried fruits and nuts, and aromatic spices are the basis for the cuisine along with wheat-based breads and curries.

Guests can explore street food staples and tandoor-cooked kebabs and homestyle plates – many of which feature recipes that were adapted from chef Bombra’s family collection, like the Param Singh Da Meat (ayogurt-based curry cooked in mustard oil featuring goat shank, ribs, and leg meat and a secret blend of spices).

Dahi Bhalla, a street snack made with sweet yogurt,a sweet-and-spicy chutney, tamarind and mint chutney, and cilantro id offered along with a Pakora Platter featuring four types of fritters along with Punjabi Samosas. Bread offerings include Garlic Naan, Roti, and an assortment of stuffed Kulcha and Paratha, which are served with an array of accompaniments.

Mains include tandoor-cooked kebabs ranging from paneer and garden vegetable to venison, quail, lamb, chicken, and seafood. Classics like Tandoori Chicken Tikka and Punjab’s iconic Butter Chicken are also offered. On the vegetarian side, there’s Lauki Kofta, a hearty curry made with bottle gourd and cilantro and Amritsari Wadi Aloo, lentil dumplings with potato.

Rounding out the meal are house-made sweets like Kesai MalaiKulfi (frozen saffron ice cream), Gulabo, a type of Indian donut, and Santra Gola (orange flavored shaved ice).

Mixologist Suyash Pande developed the restaurant’s robust beverage program, taking inspiration from “Safarnama e Punjab,” which translates to the “Travelogue of Punjab.” Highlights include the Makhani with butter chicken-washed whiskey, Peychaud’s bitters, honey, and peat; Sarson with black mustard-infused tequila, tamarind, andchili; and Paan with betel leaf vodka, betel leaf shrub, and tonic. Mocktails, beer and wine are also available.

Designed by Curry Fwd, the bi-level space at Gulaabo is sophisticated with wallpaper patterned with Indian floral prints, blush pink painted brick, and opulent gold ceilings. Large green velvet banquettes and leather wrapped chairs help complement the space.

Gulaabo is located at 250 West 47th Street, between Broadway and 8th Avenue, in New York City. Fore more information, visit