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Rana Fifteen Brings Brunch To New Heights
July 6, 2024, 12:57.47 am ET



Rana Fifteen is a Turkish restaurant that's based in Park Slope. It offers Western Turkish-style food, including seafood, small plates, and desserts.

This restaurant also has an assortment of cocktails, wines, whiskeys, among other things. What makes this place truly stand out is its brunch menu.

This brunch menu offers two styles of eggs with a mixture of sweet and savory small plates. The exact amount of small plates this place offers is exactly 15, which is why the restaurant is called Rana Fifteen. The flavors you'll embrace from these dishes are simple yet complex.

When we tried the brunch menu, we were pleasantly surprised with how unique it was. It consisted of sweet and savory small dishes like beef sausages, fruits, and jams that add a nice nuance to the meal. One thing that this place does reliably is the freshness of all its items. Rana Fifteen also offers a nice dinner menu which gives a nice range of seafood dishes and other delicacies. Compared to other brunch spots around the area it's a place worth checking out specifically for its variety.

By Thomas Sayegh