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Restaurant Radar – Cornelius Converted into Private Event Space at Grand Central
September 8, 2023, 8:57.04 am ET



Cornelius, the high end farm-to-table restaurant from City Winery, appears to have closed. The main entrance is locked, the menu has been removed from the front of the restaurant, although the signage remains. An employee at the nearby Food Hall telling us the space is currently being used for private functions. We’ve reached out to City Winery for a comment.


From City Winery Founder and Chief Executive Officer Michael Dorf:

"We have converted Cornelius to be used more efficiently as a private event space for up to 75 people as that was the most demanded desire from our patrons. City Winery will continue to use our half of Vanderbilt hall for food and beverage service as that continues to be very popular with commuters and destination visitors."