Review: A Likeable As You Like It

August 31, 2022, 12:46.01 am ET  

Review: As You Like It
Photo: Joan Marcus                                                                               

By Brian Scott Lipton

How much you like – or even love – The Public Theater’s breezy musicalized version of “As You Like It,” now at the Delacorte Theatre – will depend on many factors. Do you hate when people tinker with Shakespeare’s text? Stay home. Do you believe amateur (or amateurish Equity actors) should not be on a professional stage? Stay home. (The production is part of the Public Works series, which uses members of community organizations to fill out its cast, some of whom are more accomplished than others.) Everyone else, however, is likely to have a very good time at this extremely likeable 90-minute comic romance, even if one doesn’t approve of all the alterations. Continue reading

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