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Rosemary’s Unveils New Fall Menu with Rooftop Garden Vegetables
September 30, 2023, 1:02.15 pm ET



Rosemary’s in the West Village (18 Greenwich Ave) is a sprawling space with a true farm feel. From the exposed ceiling beams and colorful tiles to rustic wooden tables done in a herringbone pattern, the space is quite inviting.

In honor of harvest time, Rosemary’s is also unveiling new fall dishes like Honey Nut Squash with a walnut vinaigrette, crispy sage and pecorino foglio di nocce, a raw sheep’s milk cheese aged in walnut leaves. The honey is courtesy of bee hives from the restaurant’s rooftop garden.

Other offerings include roasted mushrooms with fontina and oregano served in a skillet and focaccia, light and fluffy, with black truffle and robiola, a soft “triple milk” cheese traditionally from the Lombardy or Piedmont regions of Italy.

A wonderful charcuterie plate showcases prosciutto di parma, soppresseta and mortadella with various cheeses and pickled vegetables served with alongside rosemary focaccia. Also marking the season, Fall Squash Gemelli with caramelized onions, garden fresh kale, and sage with a healthy dusting of grated cheese.

Rosemary’s Crostata Sundae is a standout dessert filled with apples and pears topped with vanilla gelato and drizzled tableside with salted caramel. Guest can also add Amarena cherries, shaved almonds and crushed amaretti cookies accompanying the sharable and “Instagrammable” dessert.

If you find yourself waiting for a table you can take a seat at the bar or stroll up a flight of stairs to the beautiful rooftop garden and hives maintained by Brooklyn Grange. The food, warm atmosphere and welcoming service make Rosemary’s a destination for diners any time of year!

The new menu launches on October 5th. For more information, visit