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Rowdy Rooster Opens Second Location in Midtown
November 24, 2023, 6:05.40 pm ET



Rowdy Rooster will have you crowing with delight in Midtown. This is the second incarnation of the popular Indian street food restaurant. It is from the same team behind Dhamaka on the Lower East Side known for its “unapologetic” Indian cuisine.

The restaurant is located on a strip that is fast-becoming a restaurant row of culinary delights from around the world, located just steps away from Penn Station in an area now known as the Penn District.

The signature dish is a spicy as hell “Original Rooster Sandwich” topped with pickle, mint, cilantro, and scallion-yogurt sauce. It comes in three different heat levels – Rebel (which is the mildest), Rogue (which is mighty hot), and Rowdy (which will fire up the senses).

Othe options include the Smokin’ Rooster made with grilled spiced chicken, and the Slick Rooster with a fiery, hot & spicy glaze. All are available as sandwiches or bowls. Sides include buttery Marsala Fries, Street Salad with chickpeas, greens & corn, and Tomato Rice made with basmati rice. Everything here is utterly delicious and worthy of a visit.

The restaurant is just as vibrant with bold colored murals and rooster statues overlooking the space.