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Rowdy Rooster from the Dhamaka Team Arrives in the East Village
February 23, 2022, 12:30.23 pm ET


The Big Rowdy at Rowdy Rooster

Another Unapologetic Foods brand from the team behind Dhamaka, Semma, and Adda Indian Canteen is now open in the East Village.

Roni Mazumdar and Chef Chintan Pandya are launching Rowdy Rooster specializing in Indian Spiced Fried Chicken and sides. The new restaurant is celebrating India’s chicken frying history from Chicken Pakoras in the North to Chicken Bezule in the South.

Indian Fried Chicken at Rowdy Rooster

The small menu features chicken (thigh, and leg meat) on or off the bone and sandwiches at three spice levels: Rebel (little tickle), Rogue (slap on your face), or Rowdy (knockout punch – seriously hot). The Big Rowdy comes with three pieces of chicken topped with mint chutney, pickled onion, and scallion yogurt on a toasted brioche like bun, while the Lil’ Rowdy is offered with two pieces of chicken and similar toppings. Non-chicken eaters will find the Vada Pao, a vegetarian sandwich with spiced potato ball, thecha, green chili, mint & tamarind chutney on a buttered pao.

Vegetarian Vada Pao

Sides include eggplant and potato pakoras, along with tomato rice, and corn masala. Drinks include Mango Lassi and Indian soda. The brightly colored space has one wall dedicated to rooster art with seating for eight for those who wish to dine in. The restaurant is open Tuesday through Sunday from 12pm to 10pm.

Photos: Paul McDonough

Rowdy Rooster is located at 149 First Ave (9th St), New York, NY

For more information, visit

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