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Sake No Hana Launches Cherry Blossom Dessert Platter
March 21, 2024, 12:11.27 am ET


Photo: Sake No Hana

In celebration of Cherry Blossom season, modern Japanese restaurant Sake No Hana has launched a Cherry Blossom Dessert Platter that pays homage to the beauty and Sakura (Cherry Blossom) tradition of Japan.

With this unique dessert selection, created by skilled pastry chef Erin Cayavban, diners can immerse themselves in the timeless tradition of hanami, celebrating the arrival of spring with each blissful bite. The platter, which is available through April 21, costs $48. It includes six seasonal desserts that beautifully balance tradition with innovation, all of which can be paired with a Yuzu Sake for an additional $75.

The platter includes a Matcha Swiss Roll (yuzu sponge, matcha cream); Praline Dorayaki (macadamia praline ganache) Choco Banana (chocolate covered banana); Raspberry Mochi (raspberry mochi, white chocolate filling) Lychee Coconut Jelly (coconut, lychee); and Strawberry Profiterolee (sakura strawberry cream).