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Superiority Burger is Back in NYC and So Are the Crowds
April 4, 2023, 10:41.44 am ET



Before there was abcV, JaJaJa, and more recently more recently Anixi, there was Superiority Burger, a vegetarian and vegan restaurant with a cult following in the East Village. During the pandemic, the restaurant made its move from a cramped, mostly takeout spot, to a much larger location in the former Odessa space, on Avenue A near East 7th Street.

When we passed by, diners and workers alike were excited about the opening with a wait of at least 30 minutes to snag a table. The restaurant has a diner vibe with counter service in the back and tables up front with an eclectic mix of artwork, pictures and newspaper headlines lining the walls.

Much of the original menu remains intact with some new offerings. The signature Superiority Burger leads things off. The so-called “megamouth” burger is loaded up with pickles, Muenster, mustard, roasted tomato, iceberg and mayo for 13 bucks. Other options include the Sloppy Dave served on a roll with frizzled onions, Burnt Broccoli Salad, SO Burger Lettuce Cups, Sweet and Sour Pink Beets with fried pretzels and jalapeño cream cheese, and more. Most items cost less than $15 which is welcome news for diners hit hard by inflation.

Diners will also find a number of classic cocktails, including Aperol Spritz, Daquiri, Gimlet, Manhattan, Moscow Mule, and Margarita along with an interesting selection of wine, beer and ciders.

Superiority Burger is located at 119 Avenue A, New York, NY. For more information, visit