June 27, 2021, 4:04.35 pm ET  

Photo: Ashley Sears                                                                                         

Thief, the first solo venture from legendary restaurateur John McNulty, has opened in Brooklyn’s trendy Williamsburg neighborhood (595 Union Avenue), offering an emphasis on a wide array of beverages along with light bites and a 1980s-inspired atmosphere.

Designed by Jason Volenec of Volenec Studio, the 50-seat space incorporates raw, nostalgic elements meant to evoke that bygone era: a black and silver checkerboard ceiling, original flyers from punk and hip-hop shows. and a beautiful piece by famed artist of that era, Maripol, featuring Polaroids of artist Jean-Michel Basquiat in his downtown NYC loft in 1982. Occasional live music will also capture the creative energy that coursed through the early ‘80s, while a top-notch sound system will fill the room with gritty soul.

Photo: Daniel Schwartz                                                                                   

A killer wine menu focuses on small producers that McNulty has discovered throughout his years in the restaurant industry. On hot days you can opt for a Friesling -- a frosty glass of frozen Riesling – and there will be a second, rotating frozen beverage on offer. In addition, Thief will serve up a simple list of five or six cocktails created by head bartender Victor Everitt, which includes “Summer Nights,” a twist on the classic Old Fashioned that mixes reposado tequila with oranges bitters and peaches, and the “Supersonic,” which amps up the traditional gin and tonic with celery shrub and a cucumber ice cube. Beer, aperitifs and after-dinner drinks will also await those who come to the restaurant.

Photo: Ashley Sears                                                                                   

For guests looking for a nibble, an all-day menu of casual snacks and light bites will accompany the booze, such as crudites, Bavarian pretzels with beer cheese and warm sandwiches like smoked ham and gruyere. Food will also be available by delivery or when ordered through a specially designed take-out window.

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