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The Flavors of Uzbekistan at Brooklyn’s Shohsaroy
July 27, 2023, 12:49.59 am ET



If you are looking for a taste of Uzbek cuisine in a lovely setting, and portions that will knock your socks off, head to Shohsaroy, a recent arrival on 3rd Avenue in Bay Ridge Brooklyn. The restaurant is located in the former Catrina Mexican Bistro space, but has been redone from top to bottom.

The first thing you’ll notice is the elegant curtains dividing each of the booths and the ornate gilded porcelain place settings and crystal and glass light fixtures. While there is plenty of bling to go around, service is both friendly and courteous as newcomers to Uzbek cuisine navigate the menu.

The menu begins with traditional dishes like Manti, three oversized steamed dumplings filled with beef and onion and served with kefir, a type of yogurt sauce. They are fabulous. Also, to start are Somsa, similar to empanadas, the meat filled pastries are cooked in a traditional Uzbek Tandir clay oven.

Kebabs also play a leading role at Shohsaroy. They are cooked on long metal shish kebab skewers. Tread lightly. Each skewer could easily feed two people. We tried the chicken laced with fennel seeds and grilled lamb with a splash of lemon. Both are excellent. But the real star is the Plov, a traditional Uzbek dish comprised of a big pile of rice spiked with carrots and topped with beef and lamb and quail eggs. It’s served with a simple salad of tomatoes, cucumber, red onions and fresh herbs.

Other offerings include Kazan Kebabs, roasted lamb and beef ribs served with baby potatoes, and Langman made with steamed beef, vegetables and greens in a rich broth with thick homemade noodles. Another traditional dish found here is the Moshkhurda made with rice, mung beans, beef, potatoes and tomatoes. A majority of the dishes are in the $10-and-under range, with the exception of Jiz Biz ($27.99), four lamb chops served with homemade potato chips and fresh onions. Be sure to pack your appetite!

Shohsaroy is located at 7316 3rd Ave, Brooklyn, NY (929) 308-1820

- Thomas Rafael