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The Lineup to Present Special Dinners by Overlooked Heroes of the Kitchen
April 27, 2024, 2:10.52 pm ET


Photo: The Lineup

The Lineup - a one-of-a-kind dinner series featuring the often-overlooked heroes of the kitchen: line cooks.

Season 3 is in full swing with two exciting meals on tap:

Monday, April 29: Noah Ponjuan, Sous Chef at The Musket Room

Noah Ponjuan, originally from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, has always had a deep connection to food, rooted in his diverse cultural upbringing. His culinary journey began after high school at the Louisiana Culinary Institute, enthusiastically supported by his family. He then ventured to Colorado, but ultimately found his calling in New York City, where he joined the team at The Musket Room under Chef Mary Attea. Over three years, he rose to the position of sous chef at this acclaimed Michelin-starred restaurant. Noah's menu reflects his childhood, blending his southern heritage with his fine dining background. He aims to offer diners a fresh perspective on southern ingredients.

Monday, May 6: Hannah Musante, Line Cook at Estela

Hannah Musante, originally from San Diego, California, took a non-traditional path to her culinary career. While studying culture and consumerism at NYU, her passion for cooking flourished. After completing her bachelor's degree, she enrolled in a culinary program at Ferrandi in Paris. Despite returning to a marketing career afterward for stability, she continued to cook and refine her skills as a home cook and photographer. After years of balancing desk jobs with cooking roles, Hannah found her culinary home at Estela, where she has been a dedicated Line Cook ever since. Her menu, influenced by her global adventures and artistic sensibilities, offers a creative and vibrant ode to spring.

At a ticket price of $195 per person, guests can expect to be welcomed to the dinner by an opening bite and welcome cocktail, followed by a curated five course menu and wine pairing. Each featured line cook will present their carefully crafted menu, reflecting their personal journey and culinary influences, and engage with diners throughout. The event promises an exploration of flavors, techniques, and stories that will tantalize the taste buds and captivate the hearts of those in attendance.

Tickets are on sale now at: