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The Red Pavilion Brings an Immersive Experience to Bushwick
March 22, 2023, 7:22.38 pm ET


Photos: The Red Pavilion

A teahouse & apothecary by day, The Red Pavilion turns into an immersive theater and cabaret by night with live music, intimate dance parties and even dim sum brunches on Sundays. Feeling a need to amplify Asian representation, Founders - creative director, Shien Lee and TCM chef and author, Zoey Xinyi Gong, along with cocktail shaman, Orson Salicetti – are pushing the envelope at Red Pavilion.

“The Red Pavilion creates a stage for local artists and performers to share their vision and for people to come together and enjoy thoughtfully curated live entertainment in a memorable, cinematic space,” says creative director Shien Lee. “From its inception, The Red Pavilion was designed to be a soulful place for like-minded and like-hearted people to connect, get inspired and build community.”

Creative Director Shien Lee

Traditional Chinese Medicine Chef and Author Zoey Xinyi Gong

Mixologist and General Manager Orson Salicetti

With the opening of 56 bars under his belt, Orson Salicetti serves as Red Pavilion's mixologist aka shaman created Wuism libations, such as Sesame Colada (Tequila, wolfberry-infused Baijiu, caramelized pineapple, mangosteen and white sesame paste), The Red Dragon (Mezcal, tamarind, blood orange, lily bulbs, lemon, agave, Sichuan chili powder and a poppy seed rim), and Moon (Longan-infused vodka, lychee, Salers Gentiane aperitif and lemon).

The Red Pavilion also offers several unique dining experiences including a chef's table celebrating the 24 seasonal points of the year, which is thought to help diners align their bodies with the current season. On Sundays, it hosts a festive Cha Cha Yum Cha Dim Sum Brunch described as a mix of 1940s Tropicana and 1960s Hong Kong. Here you will find dishes for sharing, many in individual steamers, like Steamed Adzuki Bean Bun; Shanghainese Sticky Rice Shumai; Cantonese Chorizo with smoked bean curd and olive skewers; "Bun" con Tomate; Purple Sticky Rice Pudding and an Egg Tart with black sesame cream.

The Red Pavilion is located at 1241 Flushing Ave, Brooklyn, NY. Guests can book all experiences through Tock or on the events page of The Red Pavilion website.