The Team behind Madame Vo Opens Monsieur VO

September 15, 2022, 7:05.48 pm ET  

The Team behind Madame Vo Opens Monsieur VO
Photo: Andrew Bui                                                                                       

After five years of operating Madame Vo, husband-and-wife owners Chef Jimmy Ly and Yen Vo are unveiling a new concept, Monsieur Vo. The festive Southeast Asian gastropub is offering creative takes on classic Vietnamese flavors.

Monsieur Vo is located in the former Madame Vo BBQ space at 104 2nd Ave in the East Village.  It is described as a love letter to all of the Vietnamese men in their lives — including fathers, uncles, brothers — and the dishes they love to eat.

The restaurant is inspired by Saigon’s constantly evolving gastropub culture in the Vietnamese tradition of ăn nhậu, which is basically dining and drinking for no specific reason, “just because.” Traditionally, grilled seafood and meats are shared amongst friends along with plenty of beer.

Monsieur Vo, East Village, NYC, Charcuterie

Monsieur Vo, East Village, NYC, Beef Shank

 Monsieur Vo, East Village, NYC, Bone Marrow

Menu options include a Banh Mi Board, a deconstructed banh mi sandwich served as a charcuterie board; Beef Tartare, a riff on a bo tai chanh or beef carpaccio with lime; and Canh Chua Salad with grilled pineapple, tomato, elephant ear, rau ngo, garlic crisps and tamarind dressing.  

Other options include Com Chien Cua, fried rice seasoned with tamarind and topped with lump crab and runny yolk; Bun Bo Hue Beef Shank with bone marrow gravy; and Lemongrass Seabass served whole with roasted peanuts, crispy shallots and woven vermicelli.

Monsieur Vo, East Village, NYC, Sake Cocktail

Sake-based cocktails (liquor license pending) include Supermarket Love Affair (sake, passion fruit, house bitters, lime), and the One More Try (sake, coconut juice, mint, lime, Coco Rico). Vietnamese beers like Saigon Reserve and Asian hard ciders are also being offered.

Monsieur Vo’s custom interior is influenced by the Ly Dynasty in 11th Century Vietnam, including rounded arches and statues, as well as decorative roofs and doors relying on natural materials.

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