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Two Fascinating Fashion Exhibits at Museum at FIT
March 10, 2024, 6:30.53 pm ET


Photos: Museum at FIT

Fashionistas interested in the history of garments past and present should check out two new fascinating exhibits at the Museum at FIT (227 West 27th Street). Both exhibits are free to the public.

“Untying the Bow,” a new exhibition conceived by and organized by graduate students in the college’s Fashion and Textiles Studies: History, Theory, Museum Practice program, runs through March 24. The exhibition invites viewers to delve into the captivating world of bows and explores the impact of bows as they transcended their humble utilitarian origins to become a sophisticated and influential component of personal style.

“Statement Sleeves,” which runs through August 25, showcases nearly 80 fashion pieces from The Museum at FIT's permanent collection - the majority of which are on display for the first time - and features the works of renowned designers such as Balenciaga, Tom Ford, Schiaparelli, and Vivienne Westwood. They are organized thematically or by complementary aesthetics rather than chronology. The exhibition highlights how sleeves serve as a vital mode of self-expression that reflects our gestures and movements, showcases their ability to indicate specific fashion eras and their related trends, and proclaims their role as signifiers of status, taste, and personality.

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